This website simply exists, more-or-less, as a ‘fan page‘ of the FT8CALL mode and software. This website and it’s creator is not an official source of FT8Call related news or development. The purpose of this website is to collect and link to useful information and data in an easy to find, easy to locate manner. With FT8Call being in early stages of development you’ll often find information buried deep within forum posts or held hostage behind subscription based services that require you to sign up to view the information.

The hope with this site is to connect like minded FT8Call enthusiasts to help grow awareness of this great new digital mode and to help promote proper usage while also serving as a showcase of it’s usage via a collection of FT8Call screenshots, transcripts, usage over time (as logged by PSKReporter) and more.

My name is Curtis / N1AAE and I’m a General Class amateur radio operator who received my license in April of 2017. As someone who likes the efficiency and ability of FT8 to quickly log contacts and apply for awards, I have enjoyed the 1,000+ contacts I’ve logged with FT8. However I do dislike the lack of personality associated with FT8 and it’s automated feel. I have experimented and waited patiently with other digital modes, and often find that I get no response when calling “CQ” or stare hopelessly at empty waterfall displays when monitoring the common frequencies of their use. I’m too social for FT8 but not social enough to want to key the mic and actually talk to people. Welcome to the newer generation of hams.

I am pleasantly surprised by how quickly FT8Call has taken off and how active it is compared to other ‘similar’ digital modes consider it’s infancy. As an early adopter of the mode I have created this website to serve as a fan made resource to the mode. I in no way, shape, or form have anything to do with the official creation, development or planning of the FT8Call mode.